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Бизнес Форум MMGP
INSURRANCE PROGRAM's INSURRANCE PROGRAM offers a compensation fund for losses in projects that are on our website. Projects for which a general compensation fund has been allocated can be found in the list of insured projects, indicating the amount of the fund.

In order to be eligible for compensation, you need to be our referral in the project to which the compensation fund is aware.

Important: Please notice that only the investments deposited after the insurance plan is published are eligible for insurance.

We value honesty. In case of fraudulent actions by the user who participates in the insurance program (providing not true information about the amount of the deposit, the amount of absolute losses, the date of registration, etc.), the administration has the right to request supporting data (screenshots, receipts, etc.). If your actions are fraudulent, has the right to refuse compensation.

Insurance Rules
Register on our REFERAL LINK in the project and make a deposit.
No compounding is allowed while the insurance is active.
You must withdraw all available money daily from your balance during this period. Few missed days are acceptable, but these amounts will be counted as withdrawn.
If project have both plan "DAILY PLAN - AFTER PLAN": Please choose DAILY PLAN. If you choose "AFTER PLAN", we will deduct daily earnings from the claimed amount based on the highest daily investment plan valid for your deposit.
Do not cheat (for example: create multiple accounts) to receive insurance.

Insurance Compensation
The insurance does not guarantee 100% of your investment to be returned back, the total insurance amount will be divided to all investors.

For Example:
The insurance for "XYZ project" was $1000 and there were 5 investors for this project with the following investment:
UsernameA: $400
UsernameB: $300
UsernameC: $700
UsernameD: $500
UsernameE: $100
In this case, we will divide the insurance to these 5 investors and pay back as below:
UsernameA: $200
UsernameB: $150
UsernameC: $350
UsernameD: $250
UsernameE:   $50

Important: The input to calculate insurance is (Total amount invested - RCB - Total amount withdrawn)

Insurance Application
In order to receive insurance, the following points must be considered:
Please check status of the project in our website before submit insurance application. If the status is already changed to "NOT PAYING", you can request insurance.
Fill in the application for compensation in the form indicated below (see at the bottom of the page)
The application must be submitted no later than 48 hours after the project's status is changed to "NOT PAYING". In case you submit your application after 48 hours, your request will be rejected.

Insurance Payment
The insurance will be paid within 1-3 working days.
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Please check with your local Laws and understand that we cannot be held responsible due to your lack of understanding of Laws in your Country and Area.